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Planning a carnival theme for a school, church, corporate or birthday party? Let us help! We have a fun selection of carnival games. They are a great quality, easy to play and can generate revenue to meet your fundraising goals. No beat up looking wood games here. Our games are made from steel and are powered-coated.

Frog Launcher
Player try to get frog into a bucket or lilly pad by hitting with a hammer and making the frog fly.

12 in W x 8 in H x 15 in D Weight 15lbs
Frog Launcher Lilly Pad
This is a great addition to your frog launcher carnival game.

It is 8 inches wide, 8 inches tall and the tallest lilly pad is 12 inches. It is under 10 lbs. Make up many games!
Lolly Pop Tree
A fun easy game where you pick a lolly pop and if the bottom is red you win a prize, everyone wins a lolly pop.
Crazy Driver
Crazy Driver Carnival Game is a skill game. Great for older kids and Adults.

The game has 3 settings, Grandma, Autobahn, and Mountain Racing.

It is 52 inches long, 18 wide and 12 tall and weighs 40 lbs. It comes with 3 balls.
Baseball Tipsey
This is a great Carnival Game. Throw three beanbags to knock over the baseball.

Game is 30x8x30 tall and is 40lbs. Comes with Beanbags.
Dice Game
This game is easy for everyone to play. All they have to do is swing the ball at the stack of dice and knock them over. 3 of a kind is 1st and 2 of a kind is second.

19x22x23 It weighs 28 lbs and comes with three jumbo dice, and the ball on the lanyard.
Giant Connect 4
Putting Green
Giant Jenga
Prize Wheel
Dry erase surface for quick and easy editing
It is perfect for trade shows, supermarkets/grocery stores, colleges and schools, fitness clubs/gyms, churches, restaurants and sports bars
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